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09 June 2006 @ 12:57 am
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22 January 2006 @ 06:23 am

For those of you who, who rescently joined. Welcome, I hope to see some submissions from you when your ready. To the watchers, I give thanks. I only wish that if you had a camera, that you also join.

Within the coming months, I hope to have a fun theme up that I hope all those who've joined can take part in. Prizes will vary, but I just want those who participate to have fun with it and get creative. I know some of you are coming from communities that were very elite, this isn't one of them. I'm here to help, not hinder. So don't be shy and post some of your older or newer work.

14 December 2005 @ 07:33 pm

About Photo Review

Ok, if your here. . . your going to want to know what this place is about. Basically, this community was a brainchild of mine for a while. I would browse communities and photography groups and see photographs that could have been better, but because of a downpour of negative feedback they began second guessing themselves and their photography suffered. I hated to see budding photographers shot down because of minor problems that could be easily fixed or because of their photography style. I'm here, to help photographers through that. I'm here to give critisism as well as a boost into the right direction to aid in a betterment of photography as a whole. I'll help and teach you to set up and shoot some great photos, I can teach you about lighting as well as simple shortcuts and techniques easily used. I can also show you how to properly edit your photos, everything from skin blemishes to objects not wanted in the photograph. I'm here to help, but don't think my help won't come without some sort of price. I'd love to see photographs atleast once every two weeks from people. I know inspiration is a major factor and with the colder months hovering over us, this gives people a chance to plan their outings and get a feel for their surroundings.

First step in the Photo Review I give is, only one photograph submitted at any given time. If you want to show a set, please direct us to a link where they can be shared. But I will only grade and review a single photo at a time. Other members may give their opinions as well, but I wish to see no negativity. With every critique, I want an uprising comment as critisisms can really be hard on some people. I grade on a scale system, A being the top and an F being the worst. You will be graded on depth of feild, point of focus, intensity of the photograph, originality, emphasis on the subject, lighting, and composition. I will also give my opinions on how to better the photograph as well as some editing tips if needed. Also keep in mind, just because your graded badly doesn't mean your out of the community. Everyone is welcome, this community is here to help not hinder.

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